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Smart Living

Life will be simple and better with the innovative of smart contactless control design in living. Auto-sense water tap can deliver water within 0.25 second for your convenience. On the other hands, you can create a different atmosphere in your space with using Xiaomi Smart Lightning which supports on brightness and color adjustment.

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Automatic Water Saver Tap

Auto-sense water tap comes with simple design with air injection technology to adapt to various home styles. Dual fast response sensors (in 0.25 second) work to meet different water needs under water saving condition. IPX6 water proof, wireless design and 6 months battery life per charging lead to the best performance.

Xiaomi Smart LED Lighting

Xiaomi Smart LED Lighting Quality LED bulb and advance technology chipset on Xiaomi Smart LED lightning provide an ideal solution in smart automation design. IP60 dustproof design, wireless remote control (Bluetooth and WiFi) and brightness adjustment help to create a festival atmosphere.